Mission Impossible

Cats and tablets don’t mix!!!

As you may be aware Liat is on antibiotics

He’s turns into a whirling dirvish the moment you try to give him his tablet (or move towards the tablet bottle)… or he hides. I have to catch him when he is just waking up and not expecting it. The first day of tablets he wouldn’t come near me… that cat can hold a grudge!


My OH was away for most of last week and was totally unsympathetic about my plight. He basically said it was my ability of giving tablets… Ha

Anyway OH tried to give him a tablet yesterday… LOL between us we managed to get one down him. He was fine with me but wouldn’t go near my OH lol

So this morning I crushed the tablet in his favourite yummy food… he took one sniff and went and hid mmmmm


3 Responses to Mission Impossible

  1. Laura says:


    Some cats are exceedingly difficult to give pills to. The cat I grew up with was like that. No matter what we did, when we eventually got the thing in his mouth, 5 minutes later it’d be half dissolved and on the kitchen floor… or on the rug in the hall, or on my bed, or…

    The last cat I had I had to medicate 2x every day for years. She had a hyperactive thyroid. Joy. The pill was tiny. Most of the time I could get away with crushing it up and mixing it with her wet food. With the hyped up metabolism, she’d eat nearly anything, so that worked well. Most of the time. Occasionally I had to give her one, though.

    Undoubtedly, your cat is larger, which makes this more difficult for one person… Deli only weighed 5-1/2 lbs., so I could do it myself. I’d get the pill out when she wasn’t in the room, and put it somewhere easy to get to quickly, but generally out of her line of sight. The exact spot varied. I’d then locate, and pick up the cat. I’d take her to the vacinity of the pill, and pick it up between strokes. Then I’d grab her head, and pull back (gently but firmly) until her nose was pointing straight up in the air. She could only stand that position for so long without complaining about it. When she opened her mouth to cry out, I’d toss the pill down her throat, close her mouth, and stroke her neck, ensuring that she swallowed well.

    Worked every time.

    Good luck!

  2. Julie says:

    i have trouble with my cat too Ish, he backs off and growls like a dog when it’s time for pills, i also tried the ‘crush it in the food’ and that didn’t work as he wouldn’t eat anything then. The vet gave us a syringe type thing that you put the pill into the ends and then put it to the back of their mouth (when you can get hold of them) and push the plunger and it’s then too far down their throat for then to spit it out

  3. Debby says:

    I am new here; I saw your comments on Fiber Dreams about having to give your cat a pill. My cat Charlie has about 4 pills with all different dosages, and he was never one to be fooled by crushing it and hiding it in his food. Also, I don’t want his brother to ingest it. So, some days I wait til he asks me for food, and then I pop the pill in his mouth (hidden in my hand) as I put the food bowl down so he’s focused on eating and forgets the pill. I can’t do this all the time though, or he’d be afraid to eat. Another thing you can try is to wait until your cat is waking up from a nap and is drowsy. Sometimes they’re easier to manage when they haven’t fully awakened. It is a really tough situation and a daily battle, but I wish you luck in finding a solution that works for both of you. 🙂

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