Ahhh a weekend of peace and quiet… time to stitch

I’ve completed Part 1 of the Heirloom Mystery SAL

Heirloom SAL

I have noticed a booboo though… the back stitch flowers at the top should have been in Hazelnut but I quite like them in green… now do I re-stitch them in the right colour or leave as is?

Have you noticed that something looks perculiar? Bits of the design are upside down! This is going to be finished into a huswife so when this is finished it will be correct

Mystery SAL

The colours haven’t come out too well in these photo’s but they are lovely and I’m enjoying stitching with silk for a change.

Carol from Heirloomhas also knocked together a beautiful Valentines SAL, I’ve decided to stitch the smaller design first (as I have quite a few larger projects on the go at the moment) but I have decided to stitch it over one so it’ll still probably take me a long time to complete
I stitched this part yesterday evening

Valentines SAL

Again the colours haven’t come out terribly well. The fabric is Polstitches English Rose and the floss is Carrie’s Dusty Mauve

Stanley has now moved in for the week… he actually spent most of the day with us anyway but he’s starting to get a wee bit grumpy now as he hasn’t realised he isn’t going home tonight.

Liat seems to be feeling ok but I think things haven’t improved enough so he’s going to have to back to the vet.

Liat sleeps in, what look like really uncomfortable positions… and he sleeps heavier than any cat I have ever seen. When he sleeps, he sleeps.

This is him asleep, coming too (which took a couple of minutes) and saying hello

Sleeping Coming too hello


6 Responses to WIP’s

  1. KarenV says:

    The Heirloom Mystery SAL looks like a lovely project – the colours are really pretty 🙂

    Love your cat – he looks like a real sweetie.

  2. Julie says:

    the mystery looks great Ish and the green looks fine, if you’re happy with it leave it, i need to make a start on mine LOL

    Stanley looks a cutie, hope all goes well at the vets for Liat

  3. coonie says:

    I love your cat!

    The mystery looks great 🙂

  4. Meari says:

    ROFL! I remember those days… when I had cats. They are such arrogant, finicky creatures when it comes to things they don’t like! Luckily, they usually get over being mad at you.

  5. Meari says:

    Oops.. I put that comment under the wrong post! Oh well… Here’s the one for this post: What’s a huswife? The progress is coming along great.

  6. ann yung says:

    Very pretty hardanger piece. I love Carol desing.

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