Cat Alfie and Liat Cat

My life revolves around my two Tonkinese boys. They were born 29th May 2005.

Alfie is a blue and is Mr. confidence as long as I am around. He’s my velcro cat, he likes siting on shoulders and needs a lot of reassurance. I also call him “Alfie Pickles” as he has an uncanny ability to get himself into trouble, that is serious enough, to sometimes need help to get out of (thankfully he is an indoor cat). He has to see all high places and everything has to be touched (he’s very tactile)

Liat is a caramel tabby and is the confident one and takes to all new events and things with his quiet laid back manner. He just loves cuddles. He is the favourite of small children, as he has absolutely no problem about them being small, my only concern is how much trouble one cat and one small child can get into…. LOADS!!! The difference however is that he never gets into the same pickles as Alfie does, as Liat will not jump unless he absolutely has to!

We also look after a semi feral called Spike who we feed, worm and de flea. He sometimes sleeps inside but he isn’t that keen on us humans. He will eat out of my hand but I’m not allowed to touch him, on the rare occasion he forgets he does like being tickled but when he realises it’s me he spends the next half hour cleaning himself.

For a real kitty fix. Please have a look at my Feline Hinderance Album by clicking the link below

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