Been AWOL for sooooo Long

I can’t believe I have been away for a whole year!!!!

It has been a full year but with little stitching I’m afraid. I did however manage to take part in one exchange

(Picture to follow)

And I have been slowly working on my little boys birth sampler

(Picture to follow)

We have moved to Manchester and we have another bump on the way. So I’ll have to get cracking with the first birth sampler as I’ll have another one to do soon.

I think I may have to rename my blog to “toddler hinderance” as the cats are no longer the reason I don’t manage to get much done

One Response to Been AWOL for sooooo Long

  1. Karan (milfurnace) says:

    Great to see you posting again & with such fab news. Congratulations. :0)

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