November Goals and Christening

LOL it is November and I am posting my first Goals of the year so here goes:

My Goals for November are going to be:

  1. Alphabet of Stitches – 1 row
  2. Snow Queen Finish
  3. Christmas stitched Ornament Exchange- Stitch and Stash
  4. VS Birth Sampler – make a start
  5. Indigo Rose needlebook- make a start

So not challenging but with little one sleeping better, this should be possible now

Talking of little one, He weighed in at 14lbs 12oz last Thursday and a huge 67cm long. He’s 12 weeks and I’m having to think about his next size up clothes already, as he’s nearly out of his 3-6mth clothes, I haven’t organised his 6-9month size clothes yet… I have to get a move on now

We went to friends who have a 10mth old son (Kameron) on Friday for Halloween. We found this very cute skeleton suit. Then on Sunday we went to Kameron’s Christening as my husband is his Godfather so another birthday for me to remind him of lol

Little Skeleton

Little Skeleton

Dad's and Boys

One Response to November Goals and Christening

  1. Karan (Milfurnace) says:

    Oh, what a cutie he is in that suit! LOL
    Goos Luck with those goals. :0)

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