Catch Up 4

Unfortunately on the 7th March we lost my beloved Grandmother

She was a good age, she would have been 90 this year. She passed away peacefully in her sleep. Lumpy is due around what would have been her birthday

So just before Easter we headed down south to Sussex for her funeral, thankfully we managed to get there without any road problems which is not bad considering we went on the M6, M1 and M25 lol

It was lovely to see the family again, although the next time we all meet up should be a little happier as it will hopefully be lumpy’s Christening.

We have another Christening coming up… DH has been asked to be his best friends little boys God Father. I have him all sorted with a gift as it had been expected this month but will now be in November

So I think we have pretty much packed most of life’s events into pretty much a year and a half






Christening x 2

Now all we have to do is move house lol

Now I know this all has nothing to do with sewing and I have to admit I haven’t being doing so much recently but I have been planning projects. I have a number of long term projects on the go, which I haven’t touched since February lol but I have two projects I’m really keen to get started, both are Victoria Sampler… the Wedding Sampler and the Birth Sampler so when my eye sight, dexterity and concentration return I will get stitching again


One Response to Catch Up 4

  1. Karan (milfurnace) says:

    Sorry to hear of your loss Ish. Your Grandmother will be watching over her great-grandchild, I’m sure.
    Will look forward to seeing WIP pics whenever you start your new pieces – although I think you may end up being a bit busy & sleep deprived for a while. ;0)

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