Catch Up 3 – Baby

OK number 3 of my catch up… is of course lumpy as I have affectionately come to call my bump, because of all the elbows, knees and feet that poke out.

I know the sex of the baby but DH doesn’t lol. He’ll be happy what ever we have but I have a feeling he will be very pleased when he finds out what our first is.

We had our first scan before the wedding on 21st January

First Scan

we had our second scan on 5th March, I haven’t scanned this one yet but i will add as soon as DH gets home so he can get down and connect the scanner for me

Lumpy was a bit camera shy and wouldn’t look the right way so the scan photo shows a fantastic view if the back of his head (we decided before the scan that we would refer to lumpy as ‘he’ rather than ‘it’)

We will be 37 weeks on Friday, which is very scary but we have everything we need, although we need to collect bitsl from DH’s parents as we have been storing the large bulky items there…  MIL has been very possessive of the baby things so we may have some fun collecting everything


One Response to Catch Up 3 – Baby

  1. Karan (milfurnace) says:

    Lovely scan – technology is marvellous. :0)

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