Catch Up 1 – The Wedding

As you may know, my OH and I got married 2nd February 2008. We had a fantastic day and I think we proved you can have everything you want without breaking the bank!!! It was a small affair with just under 40 guests (which included 4 little girls and a baby boy of 6 weeks) saying that there were some that traveled quite a distance… 3 members of my family traveled from France and my OH’s cousin extended her visit from New Zealand

We got married near where my Dad lives in a lovely little church in Gullane, which is about 20 miles outside Edinburgh. We had our reception in a local Hotel about 5 mins drive up the road in Dirleton




My OH announced that we were expecting in his speech. I tease him now about making so many grown women cry

And no one realised until that point that I’d been drinking apple juice and grape juice all day in stead of champagne. The hotel staff were fantastic at bringing me a new glass when ever my glass was empty.

Dad has saved me a bottle of champagne from the reception at the church which we are going to open when bubs arrives, to finally drink to our marriage and hopefully our new family

We have a few more of our boring wedding photo’s in Photobucket


2 Responses to Catch Up 1 – The Wedding

  1. Karan (milfurnace) says:

    Oh I don’t believe it – the pics won’t load so I can’t see them. :0(

  2. Karan (milfurnace) says:

    I can see them now! Ish they are fabulous photos. You look beautiful. TFS. :0)

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