AWOL for 6 months

OMG I can’t believe it has been 6 months since I last posted!!!!

Life outside stitching has taken over, as it must do sometimes.

My lovely OH and I got married in February, and since then our pregnancy has taken over somewhat…. life has all been about going from one Midwife appointment, to hospital appointment, to physio, to antem=natal classes and making sure we had everything we needed before I didn’t feel as up to rampaging around the shops.

Stitching has taken a back seat for a while because I have found my concentration is appalling at the moment and I don’t feel as though my stitching is as neat as I would like it to be

Bubs is expected in about 4 weeks time, I would like to say I’ll be back once he/she has arrived but I have a feeling I might be quite busy for a while lol being a first time Mum with no small children in the family I have absolutely no idea of exactly what I have let myself in for… if I expect the worst it can only be better lol


2 Responses to AWOL for 6 months

  1. Helen says:

    Wow I knew it was a long time Ish but hadnt realised quite how long. Nice to see you back if only for a short visit but make the most of these last weeks. They will fly by and they are the last days of peace you will have for a good few years to come. Lol now I bet that cheered you up.

  2. Karan (milfurnace) says:

    LOL @ Helen’s comments.
    Good to see you back Ish. :0)

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