Christmas 2007

Merry Christmas everyone, hope you have all had a fantastic time with you family and friends

We had a very quiet one this year but this will be our last quiet Christmas for a very long time!!!!!!

My wedding dress arrived arrived last week so it was taken over to my future Mother in Law’s and I made the wedding cake on Boxing Day!!!! MIL is feeding it for me.
We still have loads to organise for the wedding but if it isn’t done, it won’t be a big problem… everything is sorted so that we are definitely getting married… everything else is just trimings.

Any way back to Christmas!!!

I received some lovely presents from stitching exchanges but I was good I didn’t open them til Christmas.

The first is from the S & S stitched Gift Exchange. I received this gorgeous pin keep form Jayne, with some beautiful red threads and ribbon. Thank you Jayne it is gorgeous!!!

stitched from Jayne

I stitched for Edda in this exchange, I stitched a bonbonierre and popped in some goodies… extras did go in cos it boomerganged and had to be resent!

Stitched Exchange

I also took part in the no stitched gift exchange.
The exchange was a £15 non stitched gift, we all had to buy our partner a gift to the minimum value of £15.
My partner was Dusty, as she lives in the states I thought I’d picked her a couple of Loopy Lou charts she had on her wish list

Non Stitched Exchange

I received these goodies from my secret Santa (Hayley), thank you I love them.

Non stitched from Angie


One Response to Christmas 2007

  1. Meari says:

    You received some nice stitchy gifts, Ish. 🙂 Happy Holidays to you.

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