My final exchanges for 2007 have been sent but stitching has been on the back burner, I’ve only just picked up a small piece this week to get me back into the swing of things.

I have finally started the pinkeep by Au Fil des Reves that goes with the scissor case and fob that I stitched earlier in the year. Over two on 40ct

As you can probably tell by how quiet I have been… life has been somewhat hectic.

There’s now only 53 days til OH and I get married and we still have a few things to sort out. There’s also been a couple of other developments but they are secret until next year!

I am going to be selective with my projects next year as I’m not sure how much stitching time I’m going to have (can I get a way with taking some stitching with me on my honeymoon)


3 Responses to AWOL

  1. Julie says:

    nice to see you Ish

    Not long till the big day, even less till 2008 and less still till santa comes LOL

  2. Helen says:

    lol Ish I think even my very tolerant OH may have objected to stitching on Honeymoon.

  3. anna says:

    I stitched on my honeymoon. Good thing I brought it because we were socked in with fog and had to stay in a tiny town in Alaska (125 people) an extra day.

    Honestly, honeymoons really aren’t all sex and mooning over each other the whole time.

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