Snow Queen

I completed 3 rows last night… and 2 more tonight… although I do still have a wee bit of tidying to do on the rewoven threads before I am completely happy with it


The piccie is a bit squint but it gives a good idea

only three more rows left and then some beading, with it being such a small piece I should get it finished next month

I’ve also found out that the bottom of the Jessica stitches are in the wrong place… was really hard to see from the instructions so I’ll get a bit of unpicking done tonight. I’m not going to restitch until next week as my OH is on lates Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday so I’ll have a good bit of peace and quiet to get them perfect.

Stash… oh dear, oh dear… Jayne of Jayne’s Attic is such a good enabler. I’ve been so restrained over the last couple of months but I’ve totally fallen off the wagon and I’ve ordered loads, thankfully quite a bit of what I’ve ordered is pre order so it won’t all come at once so I won’t have to explain myself too much lol

The first arrived yesterday…. Happy Holidays from Cat’s Whiskers and DD threads



2 Responses to Snow Queen

  1. What a lovely chart – especially like the satin stitch tree and will look forward to seeing it done as you are so good with the making up of things Ish.

  2. Karan (milfurnace) says:

    Oo deja vu with the DD chart :0) Snow Queen is beautiful, hope the frog attack is a small one & soon sorted.

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