Yes finally I have got my stitching bug back after it had a wee holiday. I’ve also got the stash bug back too.

I think it may be the thought of all the Christmas stitching I ‘d like to do, which has definitely been helped by the preview of the Christmas Ornies in JCS.

I got back onto Alphabet of stitches, which is coming along nicely, I’ve completed 3 rows since Sunday. I don’t think I’ll complete my goals this month but if I manage two of three I’ll be pleased.

Alphabet of Stitches

I’m planning a sampler for my Dad and his wife as a thank you for their help with the wedding…. at the moment I’m torn between Sampler Cove – Bordeaux, Hillside Sampler – Goodness Grapecious Me or Grape Expectations… They do like their wine so it really has to be something grape related!!! lol

Wedding plans haven’t progressed at all… lol. I’ve gone on strike until my OH decides to get his finger out and sort some of the things I have given him to do. The main things are organised ie church and reception venue… come November I’ll get all the paperwork etc sorted then… All I’ll do is send the invites out, get my frock and my bouquet.

The ladies I’ve asked to be my bridesmaids can battle it out between them as to the frocks they get cos the pair of them have decided not to listen to me… like herding cats!!!

I knew I wanted to elope……. far easier


2 Responses to Update

  1. Carolyn says:

    I think your stitching is awesome on the Alphabet of Stitches. I can’t wait to see more progress. You have two great choices with the sampler for your Dad and his wife. Let us know which one you decide to go with.

  2. Sally says:

    That looks fantastic Ish:)

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