Catch Up

Not had time to post or stitch much over the last month, as you know my OH proposed last month so we have been sorting out arrangements for the wedding.

We will be getting married in Scotland on the 2nd of February 2008. The church is booked and so is the reception venue.

I bought my dress on Sunday which was more emotional than I thought it would be. My best friend was down from Glasgow to help me choose, it was lovely just to have her to myself for a couple of hours. Still have a few bits and bobs to get though and my ladies to sort out with frocks.

We went to the Sheepdog Trails in Hope, Yorkshire on Monday (although due to the clamp down recently because there was a break out of Foot and Mouth there were no cattle there so no actual Sheepdog trails or sheep) and I bumped into an old friend who I had lost contact with and hadn’t seen for 18 years!!!!

Yesterday we went for a meal with OH’s family for his Mum’s birthday and on Friday we are also going for another meal as his Aunt and Uncle are going back to Australia.

I don’t feel like I have stopped since the middle of July!!

My parcel should hopefully be with Leslie soon… I had to wait ages to get something I had ordered, that I particularly wanted to add to the parcel so it was a little late being sent (there is a ONS which flits between being reliable to mega unreliable, I keep saying I won’t use it again but there are things there that I can’t get anywhere else……. grrrr)

Last week I hit the milestone of having kept this little blogg going for a whole year, I will have loads to add over the next week or so as I’m going to have a good bit of me time ie stitching time and a good catchup with everyones blogs


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