Goals?… did someone say I had goals this month?

Well this has been an unexpected month, with OH proposing and all the visits we’ve had to make to see family etc… I’ve done nothing I planned to do and as a result I’ve not really completed many of my July goals 🙂

Lets start with a quick recap of July:

  1. Mistletoe SAL – July – completed
  2. Heirloom Mystery SAL – June – nope… I’m working on an idea with this one so it could be a while before I finish
  3. Heirloom Workshop project – finish 1st row – not even taken it out of my stitching box
  4. Alphabet of Stitches SAL start date 11/07/07 – 6 rows a week – I’ve made a start… I’ve stitched 4 rows
  5. Snow Queen – first row  – completed 3 rows
  6. Birthday Exchange piece – nearly complete
  7. One small fun piece* – Started a Good Vintage

Now for a productive August with any luck

  1. Mistletoe SAL – August
  2. Alphabet of Stitches SAL – 4 rows
  3. Snow Queen – 5 rows
  4. Birthday Exchange piece – complete and post
  5. A Good Vintage

My main priority is to get my Exchange piece off but to be honest I won’t beat myself up it I don’t manage to get much else done as I have a lot to do this month. We are thinking about a wedding date about the 2nd of February 2008 so if that gets the thumbs up, I want to have pretty much all the big plans sorted before the end of August.

I will have kept my blog going for a whole year this month so I’ll have a little celebration towards the end of the month!!


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