SBQ – Love and Hate

Today’s SBQ was lifted from a couple of threads over on The Wagon and is:

What do you love to do that many people hate? What do you hate to do, but do anyway?


I like new stitches and trying out different techniques, threads and fabric. I’ve picked most of my projects this year to challenge myself… I have a new project I’ve just started that uses 28 different stitches.

As I am self taught I don’t know if I stitch all the new stitches exactly right but they look right.

I also like stitching accessories beause I enjoy using different finishing techniques.


 What do I hate?… not keen on aida fabric but I have no stitches I dislike. Thread wise, I’m  not so keen on marlitt but it looks good so I will perservere.

I don’t like cute, fantasy or cartoon charts.


One Response to SBQ – Love and Hate

  1. Lisa says:

    I love to try new stitches and techniques as well Ish. Julie and I fell into trying new things earlier in the year and now we’re both addicted lol.

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