Snow Queen and Good Vintage

I have a confession to make…. I completed the next two rows of Snow Queen. My excuse it that they were really easy ones (just algerian eye and large cross stitch) I have now made myself put it away until next week

Snow Queen

… so I started on a Good Vintage, which is also by Carol Tinson – Heirloom Embroidery. I love the colours used in this sampler. I have a wee bit more to do before I’m happy I’ve done enough for this month but again it may be hard to put away

Good Vintage

These two samplers are just for me and I am really enjoying them and I’ll be getting them framed when I’ve completed them. I do have to be careful to make them last more than one month so I will have to be strict with myself.

Thankfully yesterday was a fantastic day for projects as I received my chart for the Alphabet of Stitches and the fabric for finishing the huswif so I am all ready. These should be enough to distract me

I have been looking at the finishing for the huswif and I’m thinking that I may finish slightly differently but I’ll have to do some planning and doodling first


2 Responses to Snow Queen and Good Vintage

  1. Sally says:

    Both of these are lovely Ish. Looking forward to seeing more progress.

  2. Dani says:

    Both lovely pieces!

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