Hally Bloomin’ Lulyah!!!

I have found the chart… I thought I was going absolutely mad, even doubted whether I actually had bought it

It had been put in a pile of his Landrover magazines (?) Now how was I meant to find it there?

I caught up a bit at the weekend… I completed the May sections of two SAL’s –

Heirloom, which had a great little stitch called a Brummie Bobble (probably has another name) which is now my current favourite stitch as it gives a great finish. Completed the beading and added the clasp so all ready for the June section, which I believe is the finishing so I may be able to use it soon.

I also completed May section of Mistletoe but I think I may unpick a wee bit of the berries as I seem to have some berries in the wrong place (just two threads too high but it affects all the stalks and leaves) in the bottom left so I’m not sure I’m 100% happy with it.

I’m going to stitch the June section then decide whether I’m going to unpick or not

Good News for the Day: I’ve just found out I can subscribe to my favourite french stitching magazine so I’m really happy (read: bouncing off the walls). I’m going to sort that out on Friday (pay day).

Bad News for the Day: Some thieving swine had split open my last pack from Heirloom embroidery and has swiped the material pack… why on earth would anyone else want that? Carol isn’t having a good day either… she’s about to flood and the council aren’t providing any sand bags til Friday.


2 Responses to Hally Bloomin’ Lulyah!!!

  1. Chris says:

    Maybe dh is a secret stitcher?

  2. Glad you found your chart. I like Chris’s comment, hee hee 😉

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