Back to work

Well it was back to work today… and it’s like I’ve never been away!!!

Except I was missed, which is nice, although I would prefer to come back to everything being as up todate as I left it… grrr! It’s going to take me at least a week to sort out the mess!!! And they’ve created lots more for me to do now too!!! My colleague even managed to disable some vital spreadsheets too. She was employed to take some of my work load off me, but due to her performance I am now going to have to take the majority of the work back

Thankfully I only have another 1/2 hour to go so it’s almost time to go home!!

I’m off to stitch a replacement piece for an exchange, this is my first one to go missing so I may be a little premature to start as it’s been 2 1/2 weeks but as it is a UK post, can’t blame international post. I’ll make a start then if it turns up, then I’ll keep the new one but if it doesn’t then at least I’ll have it completed to post asap…. It’s just so frustrating!!!!!


2 Responses to Back to work

  1. Do you get a prove of posting Ish. It doesnt cost anything and although it cannot compensate for your your it will compensate you for the loss of the fabric and threads. Think compensation is limited to about 30.00 but certain worth the time it takes to queue at the PO to get it.

  2. lol that should have read “your work” and not your your lol.


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