Heirloom Update

The beading is done, now only have to do the ribbon work, which I’m not looking forwards to. I’ve got some extra ribbon to practice first so with any luck if all goes smoothly… I might possibly finish this tonight 🙂

Thank you for all your comments, this piece has taken up a lot of my stitching time. I am really looking forwards to stitching some smaller pieces. I have two exchanges in June… stitching accessories and a bookmark which will be a really nice change. I’m not going to stitch on any of my SAL’s until I get back from my hols in June so I’ll have 2 months to catch up on.

We are going to France, probably around Normandy for 2 weeks. I’m planning on seeing the Bayeux Tapestry and see some lacemaking but other than that we don’t have any fixed plans. The cats are going to stay with OH’s Mum and Dad while we’re away so we’ll get back two worn out pussy cats, as they will spend their time racing up and down the stairs and opening doors while they’re there.

Update: Went to the framer today, it will take about a week. I spoke to the lady who does the mounting and I’m happy she will make a good job of it and is experienced with framing embroidered pieces. Tomorrow (as long as I get it finished) I’ll take it down to choose mounts and frames

Almost complete


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