Stitch and Stash Weekend

Well I’m back from the Stitch and Stash weekend.

I’m afraid I can’t tell you anything about the piece we stitched as we have all been sworn to secrecy. However I will say, it is something new that hasn’t been done before. I may show pictures of my piece as it progresses but there is a twist.

I wasn’t too well over the weekend but still had a great weekend. It was lovely meeting everyone finally. I always loved Carol Tinson’s designs but she is amazing in person, I’d recommend her workshops but dont expect them to be like any other you have been to!

I came back with lots and lots of stash and lots of ideas… in fact I’m off to get to get some bits and bobs from the craft store this evening


4 Responses to Stitch and Stash Weekend

  1. Glad you had a nice weekend Ish, but sorry you were not too well.
    Ooooh wonder what you all be stitching lol.

  2. Jane F says:

    It was a great weekend wasn’t it – I look forward to seeing a pic of your progress on your piece, it will be interesting to compare them all. I’ve got lots of ideas running through my head too – I have found that with Carol’s workshops before, after you leave all the inspiration starts to make have lots of new ideas.

  3. jacqui66 says:

    I’ve seen Sheila’s piece that she started at the weekend and it looks gorgeous so far. I’m glad you had a great weekend, even if you weren’t feeling too good.

    Carol Tinson is a brilliant person and her workshops are fab (she’s done a couple at the Attic) and everyone always has a laugh.

  4. Sally says:

    Pleased you had a great time, Ish, for all you weren’t well.

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