Todays’ progress

Yup it’s that sampler again. This is today’s progress… I’ve started the Kloister blocks of the hardanger section….. mmmm after this section I will have no excuse not to tackle the drawn thread sections… lol

Thing is, even when I’ve finished the stitched bands, I’ll still have the border to do and then finally the ribbon work… will i get it finished in time, to be framed for the 26th?



6 Responses to Todays’ progress

  1. Julie says:

    very pretty, this is going to be stunning, im sure you will be finished in time

  2. Dawn says:

    That’s beautiful! Very elegant:)

  3. Ive done quite a few drawn thread sections in Heirloom Christmas and they are really easy Ish. Excellent diagrams on the VS site helped. Good Luck.

  4. Sally says:

    This is coming along beautifully Ish.

  5. Mylene says:

    It is looking great, Ish.

  6. ~Kim~ says:

    Thanks for the SBQ question! You have a lovely blog. Loved seeing your progress pics and reading what you have been doing. Keep up the great work!


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