Trebizond Thread

I’ve been asked why Trebizond is so interesting to work with.

Well, Treb is basically a silk perle thread. However I’ve found it untwists so practically every stitch I’ve needed to let the thread go. I also have to use a huge needle or the thread splits. I asked the lovely ladies on the Stitch and Stash forum for any tips… this was the response:

Try using REALLY short lengths and don’t try to frog it, it will shred, or try the Kreinik Silk Serica, I find that slightly better behaved

Christine of Alchemy Stitchcraft

I’ve used Trebizond and on canvas it is marginally better. Shred does not begin to describe what happens when you frog it – try disintegrate or shatter. A larger needle than you would normally use does help a lot plus letting the silk drop every few stitches to allow it to regain it natural twist

When I used it, I was lucky in that I had a very old, very deaf dog who knew all the swear words and just gave me one of ‘those’ looks when I lost it.


I’ve used it, and absolutely hated it. It snags so easily. You’d think at that price (it’s pretty expensive stuff), it would be easier to work with!

Next time, I’m going to just substitute perle thread!

Diane of Stashaholics Central


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