VS Heirloom Anniversary Sampler

This is what it should look like eventually


I made a good bit of progress on the Sampler yesterday. Although the executive decision is to leave all the cut work, beading and ribbon work until the end (avoids anything bad happening to the delicate stuff)

At the moment there is nothing too difficult, although I had a complete blank for Wrapped Herringbone, I did work it out and now confirmed thanks to the lovely ladies on Jayne’s Attic. This is my first piccie

Day 1

This is the first VS chart I’ve stitched… It’s not proving as difficult as I thought it would be. The chart makes it look difficult… it isn’t as user friendly as others I have used, as you have to keep flipping backwards and forwards (Carol you’ve spoilt us) but when you get down to it, the instructions are really clear and easy to follow and the stitch diagrams are generally clear too (I always need a bit of help as I know the majority of stitches but I have no idea what they are called).

I love all the speciality stitches but lets see if I feel the same once I finish lol


One Response to VS Heirloom Anniversary Sampler

  1. Lesley says:

    Ish – look forward to seeing more of this one!

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