April Goals

I just haven’t been in the mood to stitch much during March which was compounded by my Other Half being on holiday most of the month demanding my attention.

Recap of my dismal March stitching:

  1. Mistletoe SAL – part 2 – Completed
  2. Heirloom Mystery SAL – Part 2 – Completed
  3. Mystery Exchange – April – Stitching complete but not finished
  4. Sampler Part 1 & 2 – May – Nope
  5. 21st Birthday present – April – part done
  6. Birthday Present – April – Nope
  7. One small fun piece – Nope
  8. Valentine SAL – Nope
  9. JA Hardanger SAL 2007 – Completed, just need to decide how to finish it off

 Now for April:

The priority this month is the gifts and exchanges which have to be sent, my SAL’s have been locked away until the gifts and exchanges are completed and posted

  1. 21st Birthday present – April 
  2. Birthday Present – April
  3. Mystery Exchange – April 
  4. Mistletoe SAL – 3
  5. Heirloom Mystery SAL – 3
  6. Sampler – May
  7. One small fun piece
  8. Absolute Mystery SAL

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