Biscornu Exchange and my exciting weekend

RN Biscornu Exchange

I received my biscornu from Angi today for the Robin’s Nest Biscornu Exchange. Angi designed it herself! It’s it beautiful

Angi also included two skeins floss and some hand-dyed fabric. Thank you Angi, I love them all.

Well it finally happened… we spent the weekend collecting my OH’s old Landrover 110.
110 The 110 90 The 90

We drove down Saturday (I drove cos he was hung over) in the 90 (6 hrs to travel 250 miles!) and drove back Sunday (another 6 hrs) with the 110… top speed 60 mph unless you’re going down hill lol.

Boys and their toys! lol

Liat thought the Dryer was a prefectly place to sit, and was being serious about making his intentions known

Obvious place to sit

Who needs cuddly toys? I certainly don’t!



4 Responses to Biscornu Exchange and my exciting weekend

  1. ausxser says:

    the biscornu is gorgeous – lucky you 🙂

    I also think your ‘cuddly toy’ is beautiful too 🙂

  2. Julie says:

    beautiful biscornu, so pretty

    you are so right about boys and their toys !!!! LOL

    how cute, Liat in the dryer, what a sweetie

  3. Laura says:

    The biscornu is fabulous.

    The whole thing with the old Land Rover cracks me up. My hubby has a 1954 Willys Jeep in the garage. Doesn’t run. Can’t. The gas tank is sitting in the front seat. LOL At least it’s a small vehicle, though.

    Your kitty’s wonderful. Cuddling is so lovely.

  4. […] received my Robin’s Nest Mystery Exchange today from Angi. Angi also was my partner for the biscornu exchange so she designed a companion […]

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