Loopy lou Part 2 complete

Mistletoe part 2 complete

All done for another month. I am really enjoying stitching this, probably because it has lots of different stitches, I even got on better with the blending filament yesterday. I love the colours, the lilac is so unusual. But it is now time to set Mistletoe aside til April which is fantastic for me as I would normally zip through and then feel a bit disappointed when I had finished, as I would have finished faster than I would like so this way I get to enjoy it for longer.

NEXT!……… The Mystery Huswif Part 2


4 Responses to Loopy lou Part 2 complete

  1. Julie says:

    WOW Ish, this looks fab, i’m hoping to get Hollyberry started this afternoon, and of course i’ve got the mystery part 2 as well …. busy, busy, busy LOL

  2. Sally says:

    Ish your SAL WIPs are looking fantastic. I love the colours you are using on all of them.

  3. Lesley says:

    That’s lovely, Ish! And I’m only just finishing the first part of my huswif!

  4. Meari says:

    Nice job on the biscornu!

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