As you can see by my goal list I’m taking part in a number of SAL’s at the moment (which is great for me as it means I can stagger my stitching and take longer over it)

So far this month I have completed part 1 of Jayne’s Attic Hardanger (although I’m probably going to stitch it in another colour way too)

JA 1

and I’ve made good progress with the Loopylou Mistletoe SAL. All I have to do is finish the mistletoe around the cross and stitch a band of Smyrna stitch. I’d forgotten how much I love blending filament… not! Only a couple more berries to go on this section then I can forget about it until next month.

Mistletoe 2 part1

This is a slightly better picture of the Heirloom Mystery which I should be getting part 2 of very shortly. You can see the colour better. I have decided to leave the flowers as they are, as I prefer them in the green ( so for once, I have a useful frog) after seeing pictures of the other participants of the SAL. I haven’t been the only one to stitch them in this colour, at least 2 others have owned up to it too lol but one has frogged and restitched in the hazelnut

Heirloom Mystery better colour

Update: Ooooh just received part 2 of the Mystery… can’t wait to get stitching, it looks gorgeous


One Response to SAL’s SAL’s SAL’s

  1. Leslie says:

    You have done some great stitching lately. I really love the Loopy Lou design!

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