I forgot to add a goal

9. Jayne’s Attic Hardanger SAL 2007 Part 1

I have part 2 of the Mistletoe SAL to do now …. oh it is so exciting

Talking of exciting I have signed up to go on the Stitch and Stash weekend in May… I am really looking forward to seeing Jayne again and meeting Carol… this should be really interesting (stitching wise) and a laugh (the company) which I sorely need at the moment. Why oh Why is May so far away?

Now which one first? Mistletoe or Jayne’s?

LOL it’s going to be like last month, when all my interesting  stitching happens in the first half of the month and then the second half all the things I can’t show until they get to their final destinations

Also some Fantastic news to share, a fellow stitcher has joined the business part of the cross stitching industry.

Outi has started to sell her own patterns: Periphaeria Designs. Please check it out, she has some beautiful biscornu patterns. I believe she has added a freebie design too.


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