February Update and March Goals

It’s been a good month stitching. I started some large long term stitching projects and threw in some little fun stitching too. I’m looking forward to showing photo’s of my latest exchange when it reaches it’s new home. Now for a quick recap on February’s Goals and how I got on:

  1. Mistletoe SAL – 1 – complete
  2. Heirloom Mystery SAL – 1 – complete
  3. Biscornu Exchange – complete and posted
  4. Sampler – Materials – all ready to go
  5. Stitch one ornament – nope… again lol
  6. Trésors d’antan Scissor Case – completed
  7. One small fun piece – completed thimble bud
  8. Valentine SAL – still going, still 2 more evenings in February to stitch

March’s Goals: 

  1. Mistletoe SAL – 2
  2. Heirloom Mystery SAL – 2
  3. Mystery Exchange – April
  4. Sampler Part 1 & 2 – May
  5. 21st Birthday present – April
  6. Birthday Present – April
  7. One small fun piece
  8. Valentine SAL

There’s a lot of obligation stitching for birthdays and anniversaries but it should be fun. I’ve also taken off the ornament… I’ll pick this up later in the year when things are a bit quieter.

I have also past another mile stone… 10,000 hits on my blog! I started my blog at the end of August 2006 so I’m really chuffed that you guys come to visit my little blog.


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