Monday Update

Well it’s Monday again, and I need another weekend 😦

Friday we went to an engagement party, after which Saturday was spent quietly recovering. Although I did manage a wee bit of stitching in the evening. Sunday we went to see the film ‘Hot Fuzz’ which was very funny (may be because my OH is a policeman) and here we are Monday and back at work. I haven’t done any household chores so I’ll have to knuckle down tonight.

I completed the first part of my biscornu on Saturday, so this week I’ll get the second part done, so it’ll be already for posting on the 28th. Can’t show photo’s until it reaches it’s final destination. I really love this little design and will definitely be stitching it for myself when I have a space in my stitching.

I’ve also got half way through the scissor case so all in all I’ve progressed well with what I wanted stitch this month. Especially as I had some large projects to complete.

Stanley has gone back upstairs to his owners (apparently) but still arrived for breakfast this morning lol.


One Response to Monday Update

  1. Sally says:

    We want to see Hot Fuzz but as my youngest DD is 12 we won’t be going! Might see if I can sweetheart my FIL to babysit one night and DH and I can go see it. Eldest DD is planning on going with her friends at the weekend.

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