Very Exciting

Well after months of anticipation, part 1 of the heirloom mystery finally arrived yesterday, I have opted for the Huswife version (I’ve heard talk of bias binding… lol @ Jayne). It is beautiful but I’m going to be good and save it for the weekend. Can’t wait to see the rest of it as the months progress, however no matter what the Anniversary Sampler will take priority.

Talking of the Anniversary Sampler, I also now have all the materials I need so I have to do is start… that’s next weeks project. I’m planning on splitting the stitching down into weekly goals, as otherwise it just seems daunting. I also have to decide before I prepare my material as to whether I want the extended border which is shown on the square model or the one the used on the sampler model! What do you think?

l_anniversarya anniversaryb

Last night I started and completed part 1 of the Loopylou Mistletoe SAL, you probably can’t tell with this photo but this is actually a very pale lilac. I love the colour, it is so different after the cream colour of the Heirloom bell pull (I still have to finish into a bell pull, which is why it isn’t in my 2007 Finishes yet).

Mistletoe Part 1

Tonight I’m planning to stitch the ornament, start the scissor case or Heirloom Valentines SAL (I have three different colour schemes in mind… choices, choices) and prepare the material for the Mystery.

Good news, Liat is feeling better… today I was woken up, with a green fluffy mouse… dumped on my face… He wanted to play! He is a retriever so the game lasted until I tried to give him his pill… I failed miserably so he’ll have to have it when I get home and the other one late tonight. He’s far better at taking pills from my OH, he always acts up for me. I have to catch him when he’s just woken up… grrrrrr 😀


2 Responses to Very Exciting

  1. coonie says:

    I’m so happy to hear Liat is feeling better 🙂

  2. Jacqui says:

    Your mistletoe SAL is coming along really well, I’ve not started mine yet, but then I’m not really doing it as an SAL, just when I get round to it. I’m afraid I’m not going to be much help with the borders, I like them both.

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