SBQ – Favourite Fabric

Ooops I almost forgot to post my SBQ answer for last week

 This SBQ was suggested by Danielle and is:

What company produces your favorite hand-dyed fabric? Are there any companies whose hand-dyed fabric you do not like? If so, why?


Well I haven’t used that much hand-dyed fabric as yet, although I have recently purchased a few pieces recently, I have found a Sassy’s Fabbys hand dyed that I love and will be using for the biscornu exchange (if I use the design I’m thinking of at the mo), it is called Mississippi Mud Pie and has a matt almost suede look and texture. Generally I don’t use hand dyed but when I start expanding my stitching I can see me using it for certain pieces. Having said that there are some hand dyed fabrics that I just couldn’t ever see myself using, just because the colours (colour mixes) just wouldn’t ever match my stitching choices.

I would however like to try  my hand at dying my own this year so will see how I get on


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