Heirloom HD

I have finally finished the Heirloom Christmas SAL. I’ve posted a photo and a scan, as neither turned out perfect but they give a fair idea of the piece.

Heirloom photo


Now all I have to do is finish it into a bell pull


10 Responses to Heirloom HD

  1. nelapx says:

    hermosoo….. felicidades

  2. Sheilasembroidery says:

    Beautiful Ish – well done it looks beautiful


  3. polly says:

    wow thats brillant

  4. Sally says:

    It’s incredibly beautiful Ish.

  5. Terry says:

    That is really beautiful and such a lot of work, this is really elegant

  6. Karan (milfurnace) says:

    It’s a stunning piece Ish. Enjoy your HD. :0)

  7. susimac says:

    Its really lovely Ish – Congratulations on your beautiful finish

  8. Jayne says:

    WTG Girl love it

  9. Ann says:

    It looks lovely. Thanks for sending the picture of it.

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