Steady stitching

Well, the Christmas bell pull (Heirloom SAL) is progressing nicely. I have one more row to complete (will post a picture at the weekend), then the fun job of cutting… not looking forward to that bit what so ever.

So I took a break from it yesterday and today, to stitch my Jayne’s attic Valentine’s Exchange piece, all going well I should get the stitching finished and the finishing completed tomorrow. I really like this piece so I may have to stitch myself one soon too. Although I do have another idea for the exchange so if I have time I may stitch the other piece too, then decide which to send.

I received a lovely gift from my Dad yesterday. He sent me three gorgeous books: Cartonnage brodé, Ma petite mercerie and Alphabets Anciens. There are so may lovely things to make, so many ideas 🙂 mmmmmmmmmmm

However, home is not a haven of tranquility at the moment. As my OH is on leave and has decided to paint the entire flat! He’s tired and grumpy and Alfie is helping but the flat is looking so much better… only another 2 rooms to go!


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