No more Stitchers Block

Well I received my package from Jayne. It contained the new Just cross Stitch Magazine and the last Carrie’s Creations Threads… I now have the full set (well, until new colours are brought out).

I have decided to organise the threads by colour family as far as I can, because at the moment they are in alphabetical order , which just isn’t practical (unless anyone has a better idea). I have ordered some floss pockets to keep the skeins protected. I really like some of the new colours, I have already picked some designs to stitch with them, in the next month or so.

More importantly, I’ve finally overcome my stitchers block and managed to get a decent amount of stitching done yesterday.

I finished side 2 and finished Au Fil des Reves: Tresors d’antan – Scissor Fob

Tresors d'antan

If you want to know more about the finish, there are more details (eg pictures, fabric, threads etc) Here

I also got back to stitching my Heirloom SAL

Heirloom SAL - 13/01/07
Heirloom SAL

I completed row C to E and started row F. All kloister, special , backstitch and beading. The cutting gets done later, I have to say, I’m not looking forward to wrapping all the bars!!!!!

Not bad for an afternoon and evening of stitching


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