Secret Gift Exchange and Time for Sleep

Well I have finally down loaded some photo’s

These are the gorgeous gifts I received

Christmas Exchange

  • Brightneedle – Shaker Tree Sampler
  • Victoria Sampler – Heirloom Wedding Sampler
  • Dragon Floss
  • Caron – Waterlilies
  • Caron – Soie Cristale
  • Dinky Dyes
  • And a beautiful Scissor pocket with Dinky Dye Scissors

Close up    Scissors

I love them all!!! I think I know who my Secrete Santa was but I’m not going to say until all are revealed

The boys find the Christmas season exhausting (honest they are awake most of the time but when they sleep they stay still long enough to take pictures). My OH’s parents have stairs, which the boys spend all day and all night playing on… they usually sleep for a week when we get back home

Brotherly love   Weird sleeping position

Their new blankets are much appreciated

Snuggled in their Christmas blankets   Yup he was cuddling the blanket

yes Alfie is cuddling the blanket


One Response to Secret Gift Exchange and Time for Sleep

  1. Meari says:

    What a great SS gift! Everything is gorgeous.

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