Merry Christmas

Hope everyone had a lovely time.

I managed to get a stinking cold with a really nice rattly chesty cough so I slept most of Christmas day and Boxing Day. I’m back at work today but I’ll probably slope away at lunch time.

The cats were spoilt rotten, I think they got more gifts than I did, lots of toys and blankets. Alfie finally got his Goose, a lot of goose, so we had a very happy stuffed cat!!!!

My Dad’s wife received her pressie and she loved them… I had to make sure she didn’t get any other bits for her new sewing set until she receives her birthday present in April. Dad and I are also planning to get her a nantuck basket which will be brought over from USA in March by her brother for me to pop a band on and line…. I may also see if I can order a few other bits and bobs too.

I finally got to open my secret santa… 2 charts, some threads and a beautiful scissor pouch with a lovely pair of Dinky Dye Scissors. I also treated myself to stash pack and Xmas Hand Dye pack from Jayne’s Attic…. they are lovely (will post pictures later this evening)

I have also got a good idea now of the Anniversary Sampler I’ll be stitching this year. I’m going to take aspects of two different charts, which I’ll order next month then work out what materials I’ll need.


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