Battle of wills

Who will win?

Alfie thinks he would like the Christmas goose and isn’t keen on waiting until Christmas Day! And don’t I think it would be nicer uncooked!? And aren’t I horrible for not letting him have the goose. And he’ll call the authorities for cat care and report me for neglect! And he wouldn’t mind not having any other presents, if he could have the goose!!! Now!!! And surely no one else likes goose as much as he does!!!! and it’s just not fair!!!!

I now have a very vocal, over excited, grumpy cat, who is seriously trying to work out how to gain possession of the bird!!

So far, I’ve suffered:

Plan A – Pretending to not be interested until my back is turned – thwarted

Plan B – Full frontal attack – thwarted

Plan C – Bugging me til I give in – thwarted

Plan D – open the door of the store room and help self – thwarted (I’ve had to lock the door)

Plan E (current) – shower me with love and lull me into a false sense of security when he’ll unleash his next plan!! – On going!!


Doubt I’ll get any stitching done today now 😦


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