Something Very Perculiar Happened

My blog went into private mode and wouldn’t let anyone see it unless they logged in… don’t know how that happened…. Sorry! Hopefully this has sorted it

On a better note my OH gave me a lovely present today… The whole range of Carrie’s Creation Threads… I am sooooooooo lucky

My little brother has bought me Sky for a year (as we don’t have a TV aerial and he works for sky so he gets a good deal) for Christmas and it is being installed on Sunday… yippee (although I know I’ll become a TV widow now cos OH loves the documentary channels)

Didn’t get any stitching done tonight because we finished our Christmas shopping.

Oh and on the kitty front… I received a Christmas card from the lady who bred my boys… it’s a picture of their Mum…Liat looks just like her (OH thought it was him initially) I’ll try and scan it tomorrow.


One Response to Something Very Perculiar Happened

  1. coonie says:

    I now understand why I couldn’t access to your blog yesterday

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