Oh no!!!!

I’ve made a boo boo!

I’m stitching a tin lid and just as I was coming to the end I realised the pattern didn’t match! I made a mistake with my back stitch that has moved part of the design up one stitch…. I have to un-pick a third of it and re do my tacking!!!!

The cats have reverted to kittens… the mad half hour is lasting most of the day and they have had the Christmas tree over!!!

I have a very busy day today, things I have to do today:

  1. Christmas pudding – steaming
  2. Christmas Cake – in oven but I’ve just realised I forgot the pinch of salt… doh!
  3. Bid for a roof for Landrover for OH on ebay
  4. New pump for fish tank as pump broke, last night (typical) – they hid from it at first but are now getting used to the new current
  5. Unpick and re-sew tin lid boo boo

so why am I sitting on the computer (the pudding has to steam for hours) and more importantly have to sort my fish out!!!!!


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