Ornie Exchange

I can’t wait any longer

Jayne’s Attic – Stitch and Stash

I received not just one but two from Sandra my favourite Welsh Stitcher

They are With My Needle – Stitching Pocket and Scissor case

Image hosted by Webshots.com Image hosted by Webshots.com

Aren’t they gorgeous! Thank you Sandra 😀

I stitched Little House Needleworks – Woodland Snowfall for Su

Image hosted by Webshots.com

I was quite worried about stitching for Su, as she’s been stitching for a while! She actually hadn’t stitched this piece (although it was on her to do list). I finished it as an ornament rather than a bag (which is the finish in JCS 2003) . I do have similar tastes to Su so I’m going to stitch this for myself as I love it


3 Responses to Ornie Exchange

  1. Helen aka stitchingranny says:

    your ornament for Su is lovely and I am not suprised you are going to stitch it for yourself too.

  2. Cindy says:

    Beautiful pieces!

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