It’s December

Well it’s December finally… only 24 days to go ’til Christmas!!!!

I have a load of things to sort out for Christmas this weekend and I have been squeezing things out of OH regarding what he’d like, as I’ll have everyone asking what he wants over the next week or so. I think the preparations will start properly when his folks get back for their holiday in Australia (they are on their way back and should be in Bangkok at the moment)

 My Secret Gift Exchange is off to it’s new home so at the moment I am 100% up to date.

I really enjoyed my November stitching and really pleased that all I manage to complete was an ornament for myself. I completely finished all the stitching on my gifts so all I have to do at the weekend is finish the pieces. I was thinking however that I may finish stitching the other pieces for the collection tonight (even though they don’t need to be finished until April 07). Then I’ll get on with my ornament!

Once I have finished these off I’ll be at a loose end as the SAL hasn’t started


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