Goals for December

Well there are 26 days til Christmas!!! I do love this time of year… wish I could stop my OH from being such a humbug about it tho.

As we’re rapidly heading towards the end of November…. It’s goal time again!!!

Let’s see how I got on with my November’s Goals:

  1. Christmas Ornament Exchange – completed, posted and received
  2. Stitch myself an ornament – Nope
  3. Finish the Bookmark for Dad – finished, received and hopefully being used
  4. Xmas present 1 – finished stitching
  5. Xmas present 2 – finished stitching
  6. Finish Jayne’s Attic Biscornu SAL – finished
  7. Start Heirloom Embroidery Biscornu – finished

So all in all a good month but I do have one more evening and one whole day til the end of the month so I’ll see if I can crack the last one too, although I want to stitch another Christmas piece

For December I plan to:

  1. Finish off the Christmas presents and post before 13th December
  2. Participate in the Heirloom Christmas SAL
  3. Stitch myself an ornament
  4. Choose a piece for the Stitch and Stash, Valentines Exchange
  5. Choose a biscornu for the Robin’s Nest Exchange

I’m not setting myself a big goal list this month as I don’t know how much time I will have a round the festive period. The Heirloom SAL will be big enough as it is the first largish hardanger piece I will stitched (but chart and materials haven’t arrived yet… oh the tension)

I think a major part of this month will be planning my large goals for 2007.

I have received my Ornament from the Christmas Ornament exchange, it or should I say they, are gorgeous but I’ll post some pictures in a couple of days as some haven’t been sent yet. I’ll also post some pictures of the one I sent


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