Kitty Update and WIP

Well the boys were fine last night. They ate a bit and slept lots.

This morning however Liat is fine (quiet but fine) but Alfie is a bit off… He didn’t want breakfast!! Alfie’s life is ruled by his stomach (he is the walking stomach) and he seems off colour so I’m a little concerned. Thankfully my OH is at home until after lunch so they’ll only be on their own for an hour or so. Alfie did seem to be sorer yesterday. If I’m still concerned later I’ll pop him up the vets or OH can take him tomorrow morning.

On the stitching front:

Made some good progress with my Xmas presents last night. I have to admit I’m sewing more than the 2, I set in my goals.

I’m making a sewing set for my Dad’s wife. The ‘With my Needle’ set in the Just Cross Stitch Ornaments editions. This Christmas I was going to give her the stitching pocket, the scissor fob and case and the pinkeep. I’ve been stitching them in Carries Creations Garnet on 32st Light Mocha. So far I’ve stitched the fob, the front of the pinkeep (which took ages as it is all over one) and most of the front of the stitching pocket.

Stitching Pocket Pinkeep and Fob

Tonight my goal is to finish backs for the pinkeep and pocket, which leaves me free to stitch the scissor case tomorrow.

Goal to do the finishing this weekend in daylight. The last guaranteed post date to France for Xmas is the 13th so I’m doing ok… not panicking yet!

Dad’s wife’s birthday is in April so I’m going to stitch the needle case and design a covered tape measure to finish off the set. I might give her the pocket then too as I’m getting her some really pretty Dinky Dye scissorsto go with the Christmas gift.

The only goal I have left for this month is to stitch an ornament for myself. I have decided on the freebie on from The Cats Whiskers so if I want a break from the sewing set or if I finish the pieces quicker, I’ll make a start tonight.

I have nearly all the goodies to go into my secret Christmas Gift Exchange, should be already to post on Friday… very exciting.

Alfie is feeling much better, they are both still very cuddly but they’ve always preferred to get a cuddle when they’re under the weather, rather than keeping themselves to themselves.


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