Weekend Catch up

Well I’ve been round half of England this weekend…

  1. Northumberland- Visiting Jayne’s Attic, which was fantastic…. It is a tardis of stash! 🙂 We were there for nearly 4 hours!!!! Jayne is lovely, very helpful and full of stitchers stories! (she probably thinks I’m quite quiet but she had so many stories to tell)  I managed not to spend too much (this time) but I have more ideas (so watch out next time). I wish I lived nearer for more regular visits.
  2. We then spent a day checking out Hadrian’s Wall as we’re planning a week or two of walking next year.
  3. We visited my Grand Dad and Great Grand Mother’s grave by the church where half my family has been christened (including me), married or buried.
  4. We visited North Yorkshire – staying in Bedale (my OH’s old stamping ground)where my OH had one or two pints of Black Sheep
  5. Remembrance Service and Sunday Market in Catterick

We have decided we really need to move to North Yorkshire as we would both be much happier there so we have some planning to do

Sunday evening we finally made it home via Manchester (to collect cats). Strange thing was, Alfie was in a really bad mood so we decided to come straight home, thankfully he’d calmed down by the time we got back home. Poor Liat bore the brunt so he had to have lots of cuddles. It’s very strange as Alfie isn’t normally the moody one. They are used to going over to Manchester pretty much every other week so it couldn’t have been that…. very strange!

I’ve nearly completed my ornament for the Stitch and Stash Ornie Exchange. I should get it finished tonight. I just need to find some bits to pop in with it.

 My next projects are some Christmas presents and my new Peachy Biscornu from Carol Tinson which arrived finally this weekend (It’s beautiful and I can’t wait to start) 🙂

Back to work today… I was only off two days and I seem to have quite a bit to catch up on


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