The Bookmark

I’ve been making good progress on my bookmark for Dad. I’m really please with the way it is turning out. I’m just trying to decide exactly how to finish it at the moment, as that will affect how much more stitching I have to do.

Image hosted by Image hosted by

My Heirloom biscornu should hopefully be in the post today so it should arrive tomorrow or Thursday… 😀 I feel quite lost after finishing my biscornu for the Jayne’s Attic SAL, I was really motivated to get it finished and really enjoyed it.

I have decided on most of my Christmas stitching and I’ve found the pieces I’m going to get for my Secret Santa too, however I’m having problems with deciding which ornament to stitch for the ornament exchange!!!! It’s great, as my partner in the exchange has a very similar taste to me, however she’s been stitching for years and every design I like and I know she’d like…. she’s already stitched 😦 (on-line albums are so useful)

On the kitty front… my little feral (Spike) has been coming in more now the weather is colder. I’ve even worked out the litter tray problem ie he wouldn’t use it… We now put soil in an open tray and he uses it quite happily. However we will have to get another bed, as Liat was not impressed that Spike was sleeping in his bed and made a huge hullaballoo about it at 4 in the morning… Alfie hadn’t a clue what was going on (as usual 😀 lol) but had his tail magnificently bushed as there was obviously something happening (such a sweetie, he was more concerned that Spike was ok than making sure his brother had his bed back!)


One Response to The Bookmark

  1. coonie says:

    I would love to see a picture of your kitties ;o)

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