Goals for November

It’s that time of the month again!! To reassess my stitching progress.

It’s also a month closer to Christmas!! As there’s about 7 weeks to go, November is my baking and pickling month (Christmas Cake, Christmas Pud and Pickled Pears).

Christmas Pud

Back to stitching…

Octobers Progress:

  1. Finished and mailed my Scissor Fob Exchange Piece
  2. Christmas Ornament Exchange, have chosen a piece, collected materials
  3. Started the Bookmark for Dad’s Birthday – took longer to find the material than I anticipated
  4. Started my Acorn Sampler Sewing Case but it isn’t a priority
  5. Found a light for stitching, which is very important now the clocks have gone back
  6. Almost finishes Jayne’s Attic Biscornu SAL

As November is all about Christmas preparations, my priorities in November will be:

  1. Christmas Ornament Exchange – post date 1st December
  2. Stitch myself an ornament
  3. Finish the Bookmark for Dad
  4. Xmas present 1
  5. Xmas present 2
  6. Finish Jayne’s Attic Biscornu SAL
  7. Start Heirloom Embroidery Biscornu

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