Stash Hunt

I’m a little frustrated at the moment!! Trying to track down threads and charts. I really love my local embroidery shop but to be honest they only stock Anchor and DMC threads and some Madeira. I love hand dyed… Every time I go up, I hope that they’ll have something interesting and the same goes for the charts too… the ones they stock are just not my taste. They stock lots and lots of wool and a lot of fabrics for quilters (although quite a bit of it seems to have a lot of gold in the pattern).

I have to order nearly everything on-line, which is annoying as I like to check colours and textures. I would also prefer to support my local shop. I also have the worry that my postman is not fantastic and I only get about 2/3’s of my mail even though we have complained and complained.

I’m busy looking for some of the textured Rainbow Gallery Threads at the moment. I’d love to find a really good source in the UK so far I’ve found two… the first doesn’t have all I would like but enough that I might substitute some, the second can order me all but costs a lot more


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