Goals for October

It’s October!!!!!!!!! Halloween is nearly here
And what a month September has been. I already know I didn’t meet my September goals and I have to say I’m a wee bit miffed with myself but I have had a sick cat and I have got and started a new job and I need a good light source and and and… enough of the excuses!

As a reminder my September goals were:

  1. Mimi’s Tape MeasureDone
  2. Finish my Needlecase – Nope gone off it in a big way so putting it a side
  3. Pin Cushion Heart – Finishing – nope
  4. Start my Robin’s Nest Scissor Fob Exchange piece (Post date October 25) – Finished
  5. Make 2 experimental scissor fobs – Nope will leave these at mo
  6. Make a needle roll – Started
  7. source the threads and fabrics I still need for my October Stitching GoalsDone

I’ve decided my October goals will be as follows:

  1. Mail my Scissor Fob Exchange Piece. (Post date October 25)
  2. Christmas Ornament Exchange – Jaynes Attic (Post date 1st December)
  3. NeedleRoll – Finish Stitching
  4. Book Mark for Dad’s Birthday – Post date circa 20th October
  5. Acorn Sampler Sewing Case – Start Stitching
  6. Find a good light

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